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Hello we are Hāpi

Hāpi is a new industry lead hop breeding and market development programme to drive New Zealand craft beer and hop growth. Hāpi is creating new grower business models, working to open new areas to hop growing, breeding new unique New Zealand premium hops, and providing access and market support to New Zealand craft brewers, and hop growers.


Garage Project and Hāpi Research are proud to announce the Hāpi Symposium - a half day of talks from visiting international brewers, scientists, hop farmers and guest presenters. The talks will cover the latest research from the hop world, brewing techniques, and experiences from breweries and other industries. We hope they will be informative, inspiring and build the foundation for an annual Symposium in Wellington that will bring together top international craft brewers together with New Zealand brewers to learn, share and develop ideas around the Hāpi Research breeding efforts. The speaker list and talks will be published shortly.

To make the symposium as accessible as possible, we’re offering each independent brewery in New Zealand a complimentary ticket. We’d love to get as many local brewers in the room with our visiting international guests and create a significant movement for independent beer locally and internationally around hops from New Zealand. Please register your interest in attending the Symposium on the form above and we will be in touch with ticketing information.

Save the date - Hāpi Symposium Te Papa Wellington April 6th

Register your interest in attending the Symposium Here

Tickets: Industry only. Register your interest in the Symposium Here

Our Vision

We’re working to develop New Zealand’s hop industry into a significant and direct supplier of premium hops to the best craft brewers in the world. We’re also working to help New Zealand craft brewers create sustainable points of difference and access attractive new markets.


Hāpi will achieve this vision by creating new grower business models, opening new regional areas to hop growing, breeding uniquely New Zealand premium hops, developing precision agriculture practices for hops, providing novel contracting and helping New Zealand craft brewers and hop growers to access new and existing markets.

Hāpi Partners

Hāpi is backed by a cross-industry Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), along with individual hop farms, breweries, research institutions and universities. All share the common goal of growing the value and volume of New Zealand premium craft beer and hop sales, domestically and internationally.


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