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Frequently Asked Questions

More About Hāpi

  • 1
    Who is behind Hāpi?
    • Hāpi is a industry-led group comprising of hop growers, breweries, research institutions and universities. The project was initiated by Garage Project and Freestyle Farms and will grow as more like minded businesses and researchers join the efforts.
  • 2
    What is MPI’s involvement?
    • MPI is supporting the project through their Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme. More information can be found on the MPI website
  • 3
    How is Hāpi funded?
    • Funding comes from a mixture of cash and in-kind contributions from industry, matched by a portion of New Zealand Government backed funding.
  • 4
    When will the first hops be released?
    • Hop breeding is a long process and we don’t expect to see any commercial varieties for several years. There will be experimental and trial hops sooner and opportunities to work with those may be available to craft breweries.
  • 5
    How can our brewery or hop farm get involved?
    • There will be many opportunities to be involved in Hāpi. As a first step, please fill out the questionnaire.
  • 6
    Is participation limited to Tasman District farms and New Zealand craft brewers?
    • The programme welcomes participation by any New Zealand farm, regardless of region. Hāpi is focused on New Zealand craft brewers and encourages any interest in participating, but also recognizes the value of collaboration. Opportunities to participate may be available for a select group of international craft breweries.