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What's Happening with Hāpi?


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    Hop Breeding
    • At the cornerstone of Hāpi Research is our hops breading programme. This programme, currently under development, aims to produce uniquely New Zealand premium hops. We use classical breeding methods, along with new molecular techniques to improve the speed and efficiency of breeding. The main goal is to commercialise three new premium varietals and support the release of three royalty-free varietals.
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    Precision Farming and Hop Processing
    • A key project at Hāpi Research, is the development of precision agriculture practices for hops and to improve hop processing practices. We are conducting research on optimal growing, harvesting and processing strategies to deliver unique flavours and aromas from the field to the glass. This project will also explore the impacts of regional terroir on flavour and aromas.

      Our current projects are aimed at remote plant health monitoring, harvest timing, drying, and pelletising. Prior to the 2019 harvest, we successfully initiated projects in these areas. These projects are all focused on existing varieties with the learnings expected to be fully transferable to new varietals. With these projects successfully initiated, analysis will be conducted on the data from the field as well as trial brewing.
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    Uniquely New Zealand Craft Beer
    • Hāpi aims to support craft brewers in the creation of uniquely New Zealand craft beer. We are working to understand and maximise the unique New Zealand flavours achievable from hops grown here.

      Our trial brewing programme, currently in development, aims to create a framework that will successfully capture sensory and fermentation data. In conjunction with this, we are also working to develop novel sources of sensory feedback from consumers.